2019 BMW X4 M40i

We here at Arabia Motors like to moan about coupe-styled crossovers, simply because they’re an awkward compromise. As popular as it may seem, deep down we know car-shoppers like them, and we like the fact that they exist and extend the power of choice. We love anything that gives customers a wider scope of options to suit themselves, including a coupe-styled SUV and that’s ok with us. We also like anything that aspires to deliver performance car thrills to a mainstream audience, and that’s where BMW’s second-generation X4 comes in. It’s based on the X3 crossover, but with a sloping roofline that’s intended to give it a sleeker appearance and to find out more for ourselves,
we spent some quality time to find out whether or not it’s luxurious and sporty enough for drivers like us to overlook its unconventional shape.


Just like the previous generation, the new X4 doesn’t hide the fact that its stylish, sloping roofline compromises interior headroom and space. But thankfully, BMW decided to keep its panoramic sunroof as standard which gives the rear occupants and more sense of space. Pushing aside the confined, limited space, the rest of the interior has benefitted from a full interior update with the high build quality and design. Equipment wise, a 10.25-inch display comes standard and can be controlled either by touch or the latest rendition of BMW’s iDrive Touch Controller. The list of standard features also includes a bright and vibrant multi-colour heads-up display, gesture control, BMW’s Active Guard suite, real-time speed limit notifications, pre-collision warning and braking, blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure warning.


Let’s move on to the performance side of things because that’s where the new X4 truly shines. The engine sounds great, revs quickly and delivers instant torque. Our tester was equipped with BMW’s legendary 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six, which dishes out 355hp and 365b-ft of torque which is no slouch on the move. Slip things into Sport mode, and you’ll get even faster and crisper shifts from the eight-speed automatic transmission, as well as a more aggressive exhaust note. The X4 is spirited and willing, making you forget that it’s actually a crossover and not a sedan or coupe. Riding on a wheelbase that’s stretched about two inches over the X3, as well as with a wider track, the X4 feels super-solid for such a small utility. It was easy to place through the cones, and more than willing to turn in; though numb steering feel continues to be an issue for us. The suspension setup has been totally revamped, both lowered and lightened compared to the X3, and this M40i takes it even further with M adaptive dampers. With great power, you need great stopping power. Luckily, BMW has you covered with thank to the M Sport brakes which are also included, working with precision through a firm, short-travel pedal; as the blue-painted calipers bit down hard on the discs, to bring us to a halt in just a few meters.


BMW has undoubtedly proven a point, and that is that they can make a coupe version of just about everything. As we mentioned earlier, that these coupled-up crossovers are only appealing if form over function appeals to you. But, that’s not a bad thing especially since the 2019 BMW X4 is without a doubt a heap of fun in a perfect package that surely will make a statement about it and you.

BMW X4 M40i Spec:

Engine: Twin-Turbo Inline-6

Power: 354hp

Torque: 365lb-ft

Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic

Drive type: All-wheel drive

Seating Capacity: 5

Starting Price: BD25,000

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