Porsche, the German Automaker - Proud producers of highly sporting coupes, convertibles, sedans, supercars, and SUV's stunned the world three years ago with the debut of it's all-electric Mission E sedan concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. They said that it would be available within a few years and would be rival to the Tesla Model S in terms of range, size, and performance, and at the same time would be a "Real Porsche". Now they have revealed some details proving that they meant every word they said.

At launch, the Mission E lineup will include three models rated at 402, 536, and 670 horsepower, respectively. All-wheel drive will come standard, but according to Automobile Magazine, a rear-wheel drive could be offered a little later in the production run. The list of extra-cost options will include a limited-slip rear differential. Anything is possible at this point with the exception of an internal combustion engine. Porsche estimates the Mission E will do 0-100km/h in under 3.6seconds and unlike the mono-speed Tesla, Porsche will use a two-speed transmission.

Though it is smaller in size compared to the Panamera. The Mission E will have more interior room, thanks to the packaging advantages of  having an all-electric drivetrain.

Design wise, the Mission E will sport the signature luxurious style of Porsche, but with a toned-down appearance. They will sport regular doors, as apposed to the suicide doors and with a more conventional set of headlights.

The car is expected to be launched sometime this year and is expected to cost $75,000 (BD28,300).


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