Give your Mercedes-Benz the extra care every vehicle needs to face the scorching summer heat. This summer, Al Haddad Motors offers you 3 maintenance services that will help you beat the heat and keep your vehicle in top shape to provide you a peace of mind.

The first offer from Al Haddad Motors is on air conditioners. Get a free check-up on your vehicle’s air conditioner that is carried out by Mercedes-Benz certified technicians and receive up to 30% savings on A/C repairs and disinfection.

Secondly, Al Haddad Motors offers quick and efficient repairs for minor damages to your vehicle through the Mercedes-Benz SMART Repairs. With state-of-the-art technology, deterioration to your vehicle’s paintwork and headlights that are caused by the excessive heat as well as small dents and scratches can be easily fixed and your vehicle’s appearance is restored to its original form.

Get a peace of mind with Al Haddad Motors’ third maintenance offer, Service Contracts. Get your service contract exclusively from Al Haddad Motors and rest assured that all the upcoming maintenance requirements for your vehicle are covered. Additionally, you receive a complete service history for your vehicle for the duration of service contract. Service contracts give you an accumulated savings of up to 20% as well as potentially increasing your vehicle’s resale value.

For an added bonus, you can join the Mercedes-Benz loyalty program and receive an array of benefits and rewards that include major discounts on labour, Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts, collection items, free safety checks, free car polishing and more.

For more information about all of Al Haddad Motors’ maintenance services please call the Mercedes-Benz Service Centre on 17785999.

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