Electric cars are sure starting to look good.

Legendary car designer Henrik Fisker unveiled its $129,000 electric supercar last Tuesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Called the EMotion, it's a part of a comeback effort for Henrick, a former BMW and Aston Martin designer whose first venture was halted in 2013 after selling only a few thousand vehicles.

But this time, Fisker has pulled out all stops for the vehicle, designed with butterfly doors and a sleek sportscars look, semi-autonomous driving and a range of 400miles (650kms) in a single charge. EMotion claims it has the ability to charge to 125 miles (200kms) of range after only 9 minutes of it being plugged in, all thanks to its lithium-ion battery technology.

On the exterior, you get a combination of sports car and GT car styling. The four doors open up and out in an exotic style mixed with exotic materials like Carbon Fiber, aluminium and various other composites to keep the weight down.

Inside, the Emotion offers seating for five and a relatively simple yet luxurious interior design entirely wrapped in leather. Upfront, the main feature is the carbon-fibre centre console and a massive screen. Another one sits above it, with a third one located directly in front of the driver where you'd expect a gauge cluster to be.

Fisker promises more on the car to come, but in an interview with Business Insider, Fisker said the car would be able to cover more than 645 kilometres on a charge and that Tesla Motors is the only company he considers a real competitor – though this may not be the case for long, should Porsche launch a production version of the Mission-E concept over the next few years.




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