Ace industry Chief Test Driver, Chris Goodwin has left McLaren to join Aston Martin

Chris Goodwin has been McLarens chief test driver for an impressive 21 years, he's played a crucial role in the development of McLarens notorious speed and performance. He's helped develop cars such as the P1, and has been driving its future models, BP23 and Senna (P15).

With a new job title 'Expert High-Performance Test Driver' at Aston Martin, Goodwin will be the most influential driver during the Valkyrie’s development. A £2.5 million hypercar which is being co-developed with Red Bull Racing. Due on roads in 2019, it uses a 6.5-litre Cosworth V12 engine and electric power to produce more than 1100bhp.

It's not only hypercars that Chris will be test driving, he will also have input in the development of Aston Martin’s other new models, including its first SUV, the DBX, and RapidE electric car. He will report to David King and Matt Becker, Aston Martin's chief engineer, and David King, the brand's special operations boss.

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