A look at the 1978 BMW 633CSi

There are certain cars throughout history whose looks age far more gracefully than others. One of those happens to be the E24 6 Series, the original 6er. With that long, shark nose, short rear deck, skinny pillars and the infamous Hofmeister kink, this gorgeous E24 633CSi owned by Abdulla Arif Alatiya will still manage to charm you, forty-one years later. But how did it all happen? What created such an iconic machine? 

In the 1970s, BMW engineers wanted to build a light, fast sports car, while management wanted to produce large, massive bruisers to compete with Mercedes-Benz. Around that time, revered French designer Paul Bracq was hired away from Mercedes-Benz. He was able to bridge the gap between the two BMW demands by peening the fantastic 6-series coupe. A spacious, comfortable road car which appealed to the management’s need for a large grand tourer as well as a fast and competent sports car with a grunt of the 3.0 CS, which satisfied the engineers’ wet dreams.

The E24 came packing with a high-performance 3.5-liter, fuel-injected straight-six that pushed out 215-horsepower. All that performance packed into a gorgeous two-seater made it the ultimate Grand Tourer of the time. But a beautiful body with a brutal engine wasn’t the only thing that made the E24 special, for its time, a very innovative Check Control System was developed for the 6 Series. This CC system would allow drivers to check for oil level or brake fluid levels at the push of a “Test” button. It was also one of the first cars to have an on-board computer and service interval indicators which were also very rare.

All-in-all this 1978 BMW 633 CSi is a stunningly preserved car. Still contemporary 41 years after its birth, it is a testament to Bracq’s brilliant design and BMW’s legendary build quality. We want to thank Abdulla Arif Alatiya for letting us showcase this classic, superior German grand tourer. 

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