Meet Khaled’s bagged E92 BMW M3

We can all agree that the BMW M3 has always been one of the most wanted cars for car fanatics around the world. It remains the only car ever to have earned more titles than Porsches and Mercedes’ in Motorsport and is also the most successful touring and grand touring car ever to have participated in racing. Besides the impressive performance history, the M3 also found itself on every enthusiast’s wishlist thanks to the attractive styling, balanced chassis and powerful engines. It manages to fit into a variety of personalities, as it is suitable for everything from track use to stylish street cruising. As far as the stance community is concerned, those bulging fenders are capable of fitting large, aggressive wheels and executing the look with great poise and ease.

Making his dream come true, Khaled Albuainain eventually got his M3 but being the elusive guy he is, his dream consisted of much more. He is no stranger to the car scene - his garage has seen the likes of many well-known cars like his popular turbocharged Honda Civic, which from he told us was even more popular around the ‘moroor’ community at its time. After selling off the Civic, Khaled purchased his stock standard alpine white 2008 BME M3 E92 and immediately began the customisation process. As most would say, the M3 has everything you could possibly desire in a car, however, Khaled had other plans. With the goal of building the lowest E92 M3 on the island, there was one obvious solution — air suspension. Air Lift Performance struts and bags are in place with an Air Lift 3P Management system doling out pressure from the Raw Aluminum 5-gallon tank with Dual ViAir 444c compressors. Adjustability is dialled in with a set of DBT adjustable control arm.

To show some bling, Khaled opted for a set of custom three-piece Renforged wheels in 19x10.5 in the front and 19x12 in the back and we must say, the overall fitment is on point. Exterior modifications are minimal, preserving the natural aesthetic of the M3. A carbon fiber E-style front bumper lip is added along with a set of carbon fiber side skirts, V-type rear bumper diffuser and a High-kick trunk spoiler to give it some jazz. Inside, everything is kept relatively stock because as mentioned earlier, the M3 is a car that has everything an enthusiast needs, so no changes done. Khaled mentioned that he’s got a lot more that he wishes to complete in the car, like many of us, he agrees that the build process is never-ending.

Overall, we’re glad to have linked up with Khaled and wish him and his sick M3 nothing but the best. Make sure to head over to our YouTube channel to see more on this bad boy.

Spec: 2008 BMW e92 M3

6 speed manual transmission


Carbon fiber  E-style front bumper lip

Carbon fiber extension side skirts splitter

Carbon fiber V-type rear bumper diffuser

Carbon fiber High Kick trunk spoiler


Air Lift Performance 3P Air Management

Air Lift Performance struts Front and Rear kit

Dual Viair 444C Compressors

Raw Aluminum 5 Gallon air tank

DBT adjustable rear control arms



3 piece custom wheels

Size: Front 19x10.5

Rear 19x12


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