1600+ HP Street Legal R35

Let’s say you want to take a car and make it sing the sweet song of 350kph, yet at the same time keep it clean, functional and most importantly, street legal. What would it take to pull it off? I think Mohammed Nowrooz has the answer. This ’08 Nissan GT-R was built by Mr. Nowrooz just so it could do this feat, all while maintaining a perfect balance both visually and mechanically. Sometimes you don’t even need a reasonable answer other than to say ‘screw it’ and go for it anyway.

To create a high-speed monster, one of the best platforms to start with is the VR38DETT. Mohammed carefully picked nearly every component to perform one thing and one thing only - High top speed runs!

We can’t share much of the build details since everything has been kept top secret but we managed to scoop up some details. Mr Nowrooz started off with a 4.1-Liter long block from T1 Race Development which comes with aftermarket internals. Being a high-profile build, an ETS turbo kit was installed for boost-duty. This kit has a pair of custom upgraded turbos, custom wastegates, upgraded exhaust manifolds and piping to bolt it all in, not to mention the kit is capable of handling over 1,600hp+. With the serious bump in power, the factory drivetrain was also rebuilt. On the move, this GTR simply sounds crazy and feels even more insane when you’re the passenger. The way the VR38 rumbles can’t honestly be described with mere words. To fully understand, one would need to hear the exhaust to fully comprehend what a 102mm TiTek Titanium exhaust sounds like (check out our video for this on our YouTube channel – Arabia Motors).

While performance is an essential aspect of this GTR, Mohammed wanted his pride and joy to also stand out from your regular GT-R’s.  One look at the carbon-clad exterior and you know that Mohammed put just as much emphasis into the looks department to match its new found power—not to mention, to also lighten the sh*t out of the chassis. The hood, trunk and most of its aero are all carbon-fiber, including the interior bits aswell.

Mohammed started by installing a Varis carbon-fiber front bumper with the integrated lip spoiler, carbon skirts from Zele Performance and a Varis rear diffuser. Top secret carbon hood, AMS trunk, and IND rear spoiler were the finishing touch along with some more subtle carbon details around the car. Everything that could have been changed, has been changed!

A car of this quality requires a lot of time and money, most of which we all lack. All we can say is, if you’re going for the 350+ kph goal, you’ll be loving every penny and minute spent on it, even if it isn’t the wisest investment. The smile Mohammed had on his face when he said ‘This is one dream that has come true for me’ says a lot. How can that not be worth the price to play?

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