The World’s Fastest N/A BMW S1000RR

We knew as soon as we saw this BMW S1000RR that this bike wasn’t messing around. Turns out (at the time of writing this) that this Badass is currently the quickest Naturally Aspirated S1000RR in the world!

Climbing on the back of a BMW S1000RR during the E.K, Kanoo Drag & Drift event, rider Mohamed Nawaz AlBalushi managed to reach a speed of 271kph in 8.05 seconds. BMW S1000RR Expert Wael Al Dhaen helped build this KWS Racing-Built machine, which cranks out a crazy 210+ rear wheel bhp without a Turbo, a Supercharger or a Nitrous system! Instead, he’s installed a lengthened swingarm, Sprint Filter P08, BST Wheels, an Akrapovic exhaust, a custom fuel map by Bren Tuning and other supportive mods. To put that in perspective, a 1990s street bike drag racer, riding a custom-built big-block machine armed with a turbo and even nitrous, would have killed for a time in the 8-second bracket.

Unbelievable! 271kph in 8.05 secs! Their next goal is to break into the 7 second mark and by the looks of it, it’s only a matter of time.


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