For many, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution series peaked with the Evolution VI. Thats partly because it represented the last time the Evo was truly successful in motorsport, with Tommi Mäkinen taking his fourth World Rally Championship title in the car in 1999. Subsequent Evo road cars were spectacular, but the brand fell off the rallying map with Evo VII and left the sport shortly after. But in our opinion, no Evo looked as Brutish or dramatic as the Evo VI and to top it off it also gave us one of the most desirable Special Edition Models in homologation history, in the form of the EVO VI Tommi Makinen Edition. It featured Red/Black Recaro seats (with emmbosed T. Makinen logo), 17” ENKEI white wheels, a leather MOMO steering wheel and shift knob, a titanium turbine that spooled up quicker, front upper strut brace, lowered with tarmac stages in mind, a quicker lock to lock and amongst other colours, came in an exclusive shade of red with special decals, replicating Tommi Makinen’s rally car’s colour scheme. This car is also sometimes referred to as an Evo 6.5. 

Enter Omar Janahi - one of the few lucky people to own a 6.5 Evo. Despite the fact that this car is considered a classic in this day and age Omar still felt that his ‘baby’ was being overshadowed by modern cars and wanted to give the iconic 6.5 a overall build that would remind us why this lightweight special is a force not to be reckoned with. Omar wanted to a do lot more then just give it a basic bolt-on treatment, he wanted to give it enough power to take on some
super fast V8’s and to do that, Omar handed his car over to the guys at MAX BOOST Garage who started in the most logical place: the engine. The stock 4G63 engine was stripped off its stock internals and replaced with stronger Manley Pistons and Manley Turbo Tuff Connecting rods to handle the big power along with a Manley Billet Crankshaft. Before bolting the engine back together, a set of Brain Crower 278/278 Camshafts, and Brain Crower race springs were thrown in for good measure.

With the engine back in it’s home, Max Boost began to equip some external engine bits to help manage and generate power. First up, a massive ETS 4” intercooler was bolted on to prevent the Evo from inhaling hot air. An Precision 39mm Wastegate and Blitz Boost controller, to help regulate boost pressure from the massive Precision 6466 Dual ball bearing turbocharger. Keeping the boost-happy engine fed is a set of ID1700x injectors backed up by a Walbro 450 fuel pump, Fuel lab regulator and a fuel rail from AMS. Making sure all of those parts work together is an Haltech Platinum Sport 1000 ECU. This engine package helps Omar’s Evo make a whopping 700+ hp without braking a sweat. Translating 700-plus horses from a flywheel to four tires all at once is no easy task, so to put the power to the ground, a Competition Twin-plate clutch was added and the factory light-weight Enkie wheels wrapped in Nitto NT555R Drag Radials for that extra grip. Inside the car is a mix of the stock creature comfort with the addition of Aftermarket gauges from AEM to help Omar monitor Oil and Fuel pressure along with an AEM Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge. Overall, Omar has certainly got himself by far the most baddest Evo 6.5 in the island and we are in love with it.


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