Faisal's '04 Silverado ss

BLACK IS ONE of the most popular colors for cars around the world. It is popular as it associated with power, ambition and wealth. Just think how many Roll-Royce cars and limos are black. Unfortunately, that is not the case when it comes to Bahrain. Our weather seems to play a major role in deciding what color your car should be. For starters, it’s our heat. Black is literally the hottest color as it retains heat and spreads it across the whole car and into the cabin. But the biggest issue is, no matter what you do to protect your car the dust will just keep coming.

Despite this conundrum, it didn't stop our man Faisal Ali Al Doseri, to specifically pick this color for his build. You see, when he first got this beautiful Chevy Silverado, the original color of it was silver and it was a step side. For those that don’t know trucking lingo, step side is used to describe bed configuration, the wheel well arches are outside of the bed, leaving a perfectly rectangular space inside the box for cargo.

Fahad had one plan and one plan only - to convert his Silverado into an SS. So, with that, he took his truck over to T-Automotive based in Hidd and gave it a fresh coat of paint and installed a complete SS body kit which included swapping the rear bed. He then worked on the suspension to get the stance dialed in. McGaughy Spindle and Springs were chosen along with Belltech Sports Truck suspension. As for the wheels, Fahad opted on 22x10 SS style wheels all around to give it that nice flush look. Fahad was satisfied with how his truck was coming along, but it didn’t take long to know he wanted his truck to have a bit more flavor. With a new goal in mind, the truck was back in the garage. Off came the stock hood and exhaust and on went a custom cowl hood and Dynamax Catback exhaust to finish off the truck. Yet somehow, we don’t think this the end. Knowing Fahad, we are sure he is planning more things for his Blackout beast.

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