A look into SNIC and what makes them unique

Let’s face it, finding the right car insurance for your sports or luxury car can be quite tricky. It’s a complex industry and to find the right kind of team who will commit to taking care of you and your vehicle when it’s needed the most is what we petrol-heads very much value. SNIC does just that. Founded in 2006 as a Bahraini company, SNIC started on a vision to empower people by covering their risks with the most innovative and meaningful solutions, but with a human touch, dedication, and quality service. Their mission statement is to lead in pursuit to deliver excellence in all aspects; from customer service to a wide range of motor insurance packages that will fit everyone’s needs. So to find out more, we sat down with SNIC Assistant General Manager for Marketing and Consumer Affair, Mr. Feda Salameh to ask him everything there is to know about their car insurance.

Why Should someone choose SNIC?

We are dedicated to providing unparalleled services to our customers.  Our purpose is to ‘go beyond’ – which is more than just superior service – it is meant to embody an attitude where we want to do more, innovate to find better solutions and engage with customers to ensure they are getting the best possible experience.

Tell us about your services. What unique packages do you offer for Motor Insurance?

Currently, we offer three different unique packages - Economy Plan, Smart Plan, and Ultimate Plan. Our most popular selling package is the Ultimate plan which covers Agency repair, Lifetime Zero Depreciation on parts, Full GCC Coverage, Car replacement, Guaranteed full value, Natural Climate Disasters, Windscreen coverage, Riots and Strikes, Medical expenses, Personal accident, Personal belongings and Replacement of lost key. To put into simple words - You wreck it, we fix it. 

What are some of the key features of SNIC insurance?

Whether you drive a brand new car or a classic car, we provide a cover that protects not only your ride but you as an individual as well. We also offer unlimited agency repairs and nil on the depreciation of parts, 24/7 Road Side assistance, and personal assistance not only within the Kingdom of Bahrain but all across the GCC. We also cover Natural Hazards, Riots, and Strikes afflicted. These key features mixed with our customer services is what makes us stand out.  

Do you offer any exclusive packages?

We offer our ‘Exclusive Insurance Protection’ on cars purchased from Euro Motors. The idea behind this is to offer these customers exclusive access to our one-stop-shop located in Euro Motors. These customers will experience first-class service that pretty much takes care of everything they can imagine when it comes to insurance. Things like the replacement of lost key, coverage with personal assistance while traveling throughout the GCC, medical expense, guaranteed full sum insured and they can even open a claim from our one-stop-shop without coming to our offices.

How many cars do you currently protect?

We are successfully protecting over 40,000 cars with all the different types of motoring packages that we offer. 

Some of our readers are track-day enthusiasts and consider the BIC their second home. Are there any packages or plans available for them?

Currently, we have collaborated with the Porsche Owners Club of Bahrain by offering track-day insurance for Porsche club members. We are also working on some new plans to provide all track enthusiasts track-day insurance.

What are some of the other insurance services you offer?

We offer competitive Medical Insurance, Personal Accident, Pleasure Yacht / Boat Insurance, Property Insurance, and Travel insurance. 

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