Mischal Al Saud’s Unique Legend Race Car

Check out this 5/8 scale replica of American built Automobiles from the mid-30s, dubbed as Legend Race Cars. Legend Race cars have been making waves at track days thanks to its unique build. It’s a car that weighs less than 600kgs and is 10 feet, 6-inches long. It’s powered by an inline-four, dual overhead cam, high revving Yamaha engine. Combining its lightness and power makes this an absolute riot on track. 

So tell us a bit about yourself, and what got you into motorsports? 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an attraction to performance cars and going fast.  As an adult, motorsports is one of the only true past times that kind unplugs me from everything else that’s going on in my life. As the Co-Owner and CEO of AlloyKSA and team leader of the AlloyARMY, unplugging isn’t something easy to come by. And when an event is confirmed, and there are only eight days to prep my team; it’s an adrenaline-pumping, sleep-depriving, a whirlwind of emotions, obstacles, successes, and failures. Sounds like fun, right? It’s not just the adrenaline of going fast or the stifling heat radiating from the tarmac through the floorboard, or the sound of battling McLarens passing me on BIC’s straight stretch at 300+ KPH. It’s the anticipation of all that when I first hear of an upcoming event. It’s the mobilisation of the cars and teams, the caravan of trucks and trailers driving through the desert, the early morning alarm that I’ve turned off before it even rang, the marshals telling me its time to suit up and put on my coat of arms to proudly represent my company and team. So who am I and what got me into this crazy sport...I’m just a guy who got lucky to be doing what he loves.

Tell us about your legend race car?

‘The Boss’ is a 1937 Dodge Coupe Legend race car. Some people call it a “go-cart on steroids.” Those who haven’t seen it on track - call it “cute,” but anyone who’s seen it in the rearview, approaching at speed and passing between turns - call it “quick.” In the end, it’s an FIA spec, hand-built race car that can keep some of the fastest on their toes. 

Tell us more about its engine. Is it stock? 

In the arena of Legend race cars, yes, its a stock race engine from Yamaha rated at 135 hp. 1250cc’s pushing roughly 500kg, including the driver. All being delivered through a five-speed sequential gearbox and a locked differential.  

What do you most enjoy about it?

That’s a tough one. I think the first thing is its looks. Something about the smooth sloping lines and gangster-era look of the ‘30s makes you stop and say, “whoa.” After that, it’s the feel and acceleration. These cars come with no computer assist anything. No power steering, no ABS, no traction control, a locked diff, 0 to100kph in 3.9 seconds and a top speed of 223kph.  It’s all linkage, and when you put your foot into it, you need to be in control and know what you’re doing. I’ve driven a lot of cars, but the Legend is by far the most fun I’ve had behind the wheel.

What are your future plans with it?

Sometime during the 2019-2020 season, she’s getting some serious upgrades. The first of which will be happening in the next few weeks, including an LSD, oversized axels and semi-slicks. Going from a locked diff to an LSD is going to allow for higher speeds in the turns and reduced stress and drag on the drive train, which all equals better lap times. The oversized axels are more robust and will tolerate the extra traction from the semi-slick race tires. Later in the season, she’s getting a new power plant that is going to make ‘The Boss Legend’ one hell of a contender. Let’s leave the displacement and brand to the imagination for now, and we’ll come back to that when the transplant is complete.  

How can someone get one of these bad boys?

Legend race cars are all hand made in North Carolina, USA. I have recently acquired the distribution rights from US Legends for territories within the GCC. We have not officially launched yet; however, if someone wanted to get involved, we’re ready to take orders, provide custom paint jobs, interiors, wheels, branding, race gear, and driver education. For now, all inquiries can be sent to Info@AlloyWheel.sa 

Tell us about Alloy Army?

For years, I’ve tried to create a second identity for my company. Something that wasn’t corporate-like my business AlloyKSA, which is a wheel remanufacturing company that is based in Saudi Arabia. I wanted to create a cool, fun side of the company to showcase that we do more than just what our business is. I wanted to create a unique motorsport community that shares the same passion as we do. The name Alloy Army came through when one day we published a clip where we were on our way to an event with a fleet of Ram 1500s, support vehicles, trailer, and a race car. We were spotted by a good friend of mine Eyad Issac who commented: ‘’The #AlloyArmy.’’ and that hashtag became the genesis of our brand. Now our clients, the affiliates, the staff, operation management, marketing team, race car drivers, and riders that make the Alloy Army. It’s all the cool without the corporate.

We heard you race alongside your wife as well. Is it true? 

Yes indeed! And she’s one tough cookie. I don’t know too many women that will suit up and hit the track with their husbands the way we do. But she does it, and she makes it look good. She didn’t ask for this either. It was a surprise wedding gift from my good friend and colleague Ahmed Khader. He called me up not long after my wedding and said, “I wanna give you and Laura my first Legend car, as a wedding gift for her to drive so that the two of you can be together when the team leaves town for race events.” I thought to myself; she’s either gonna love it or hate it! Ahmed being the savvy marketing specialist he is, also designed and made a custom race suit for her with her own company branding ‘Um Saboon’ (they make 100% all-natural homemade soap). The sentimental value that the gift had on her, plus the branding of her own company, was an instant sell for her. On top of all that, I had the guys in the shop tear down the entire car, strip every piece, rewire the electrical, powder coat, custom paint and airbrush everything from top to bottom and finished off with a coat of candy orange. A three-month job that brought a tear to her eye when she first saw it. Now she’s got her National ‘D’ race license and competes in time attacks and open tracks in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

What advice would you give anyone who might be interested in motorsport racing?

Go to the track. First and foremost. That’s where you’re going to meet people who are involved in this. You can find out what type of racing interests you and get good advice from professionals who can steer you in the right direction.  

Lastly, any last words? 

Yeah, I’d like to publicly thank AlloyKSA and the AlloyARMY for their hard work and dedication. There are so many unsung heroes in our army/family that don’t get the recognition they deserve. I didn’t make this on my own. I’m also a member of this team and none of this would be possible without people who genuinely care about the services we provide and the image we seek to promote. Thank you all! 


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