One sleek Harley Davidson Sportster

We sit down with Hezbullah Khan, a member of the Bahrain Desi Riders and talk to him about his badass custom built Harley Davidson.


Hezbullah Khan

Bike model:

2013 Harley Sportster 883 Iron


Bahrain Desi Riders

Why bikes for you over cars? 

Personally, i feel that on two-wheels you have more freedom than cars. Everything looks, smells and feels different, like you’re on an adventure.

What bikes have you previously owned? 

My previous bike was a 2009 Harley Davidson Sportster (Super Low trim)

Have you modified any previous bikes, or is this your first? 

This is my first modified bike.

Why a Harley Davidson? 

Owing a Harley Davidson has always been my dream. Its design language, they it sounds and feels is icon and never-aging. 

How does your bike differ from others in the range? 

It is a unique bike with a rare look as you don’t find many Bobbers in Bahrain. It is very different from a standard Harley-Davidson.

Did you buy this bike with the intention of modifying it? 


How long have you had the bike, and how long before you decided and started the modification process? 

It’s been with me for a year now. The modification process took around 6 months with the help of my dear friends and fellow club member Abid and Nasir. They did most of the modification job for me.

What was the real reason for creating this monster?  

I wanted to have something different. I wanted the bike to match my personality.

Talk us through how you have modified the bike in terms of speed, power and appearance? 

I have given it a Bobber look by chopping the fenders, giving it a high-rise ape handlebars, a custom seat, custom painted wheels and an overall stripped out look. On the performance side, it’s got an aftermarket clutch, a set of aftermarket spark plugs, aftermarket cams and dome pistons. Currently it’s on a stage 4 setup which raises it to 1280cc from 883cc. 

Where have you got the majority of the parts from? 

All the performance parts were ordered from the United States and the cosmetics were fabricated locally.

What are the before and after affects?

It has been transformed into a totally different bike, look and performance wise.  

Do you plan to make future modifications to this bike, if so what?

Yes, I’m planning to give it some more performance and accessories it a bit more.

Would you do this again? with another bike and modify it?

Yes, I would love to work on another Harley.  

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